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What is Sweet Honey Dessert Like? Food Review

by Richard Mathis on Feb 08, 2021

What is Sweet Honey Dessert Like? Food Review

Sweet Honey Dessert is a Hong Kong style dessert place that we have become completely enamored with, feeling like we have to take all of our friends to this unique shop hiding in Las Vegas china town! 

The shop is upstairs, and I feel like many people get distracted by other great restaurant options like Somi Somi and Tea Maison, but don't let yourself be distracted, the desserts are waiting for you just upstairs! Of course, with Covid, you'd be best served calling and making reservations, otherwise you're unlikely to get in very quickly due to limited seating. 

The Stars

What brings everyone to Sweet Honey is all the jiggly, what I mean by that, is the Japanese style soufflé pancakes!  They're pretty, they're unique, and you can't get them to go since they deflate so quickly.   Each soufflé is basically the same with a different topping.  The toppings are smooth and delicious, and the fruits are generally fresh, which is something that is true of all fruits here. 

While you can definitely order the individual soufflé's and just get the sauces on the side, there is definitely something to ordering the actual dish, getting the matcha powder sprinkled over it, the side of delicious green tea ice cream and generally "the entire" experience .

The sour cream flavor is probably my favorite, look at all that fresh fruit! The topping is delicious, and the flavors are super interesting!


Bonus Tip! Order sides of the other sauces so you can try multiple flavors without needing to order multiple desserts.

However, don't stop with just the soufflé's!  They're pretty, and they're delicious...but also they're just the start of the culinary experiences awaiting you here.  

The Real Stars

While the soufflés are fancy and interesting, the really amazing desserts are all of the traditionally Asian desserts like durian pancakes, rice balls, glutenous rice (I Love the Thai glutenous rice!), and my favorite of all, the Coconut drinks!

Coconut Drink

The coconut drinks are super interesting, they cut open a young coconut.  If you haven't had a young coconut, they are entirely different than your normal shredded coconuts.  The flesh is so soft you can just chew and eat it, its not fibrous like adult coconuts.  There are all kinds of toppings they put inside the coconut, my favorite is coconut jelly and peach gum.  Seriously, make sure you get the coconut jelly! Its soooo good!

Bonus Tip! Request the coconut scraper to get all of that delicious coconut flesh. :) 


I mentioned durian earlier, its tastes like garbage disposal scum.  Unless you have some other gene, then its delicious, supposedly.  Anyway, they have it here, its cool and unique, and almost tastes good, except for the rotten flesh flavor, you should try it!

We're gonna keep coming back here, we love it.  If you come here, post down below and let us know what you thought!


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