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Taking a bite out of Bitez... cookies!

by Richard Mathis on Mar 17, 2021

Taking a bite out of Bitez... cookies!

What makes a good cookie?

A good cookie is best when it is slightly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside....

We saw this place, Bite'z, open up near our house and we were like "Hit the brakes, check Yelp, what is this place?", we had hopes that it was a legit foodie type bakery, when we've been let down so many times before and often been disappointed.

See, we try a lot of bakery items, but we have high standards, so we often have to travel to China town in Vegas for the best most interesting bakery items.  After trying so many Stacccked cookies though (we love them, but they're from Louisiana and so far away!), we've been on the lookout for a good local cookie spot, and after seeing that this place had only just opened and only had 3 reviews? We were determined to give it a try.

Brand New

The first thing you notice when you go into the Bite'z shop, is that the shop is clean, tidy, and has plenty of varieties of cookies!  Thats important in a shop that focuses on cookies, and occasionally, its obvious that new businesses open before they're really ready and suffer for it.  Not this place, I mean sure, it's lacking in chairs, but in the age of Covid, offering sitting areas for a bakery just isn't a priority and perhaps even a liability.

I want to know about the cookies!

Ok, its clean and nice, but sure thing, lets talk about the cookies, they sell them in pairs (2 cookies) at pretty reasonable prices, and they have large variety of flavors, about 12 or 13 when we went.

What do they taste like?

We did a live stream where we tried each of the cookies, visible here, but I'll give an overview of the general cookie experience.

Crunchy or soft?

First of all, they're soft, we ate them both dry and with milk, and they were excellent both ways.  Many of them have just slight crispiness while being soft and tender in the center, which in my opinion, is perfect.  The downside, is that if you're adjusting them to take photos, they're likely to fall apart, so be gentle and treat them like the delicacies they are!


The flavors are light, delicate, tasting fresh and natural, no hint of chemical fake flavors.  I'm "really" judgmental about bakery items folks, I hold cookies to high standards and I expect real flavors that come from real ingredients. Bite'z delivers on this account!

The flavors aren't boring either, sure, their more normal flavors like chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and snickerdoodle cookies are delicious and just about perfect if you're looking for epic grandma's style cookies (my grandma was an amazing baker, if yours weren't, ignore that comparison).  But they also have unique flavors like  Poppin' Cherry that tastes just like a cherry cordial, Cobbler'z which tastes like peach cobbler, and C'orange that tastes like an amazing blend of carrot and orange!!!!  Ok, just a few more exclamation marks!!!!!  It was delicious folks!  At least if you like orange. :) 

The Real MVP?

So one of my favorite cookies of all time, is the wedding cookies that we'd have around Christmas time!!!  Those little balls of pecan flour rolled in powdered sugar, but these are in full cookie form!!! Wow, not too dry, moist, but full of that fantastic nutty flavor!  Honestly, I could eat a half dozen of these!

Whats with the water?

This water is pretty cool guys!  They carry Liquid Death.  The idea here, is that people want portable water, they do, but bottled water using plastic bottles is bad for the environment, and recycling options for plastic are minimal.  These are in metal, which is infinitely recyclable, so if you can't carry around your own water, and you're thirsty, kill your thirst with liquid death! Available in carbonated and non-carbonated form!

What does water have to do with cookies?

Business is more than just selling a product.  Businesses employ people, they use up resources, and they can, like in this case, contribute back to the community.  We love giving back to the community, and Bitez does too! Whether its supporting charities or carrying products like liquid Death, they're definitely starting off on the right foot by making it very clear from the very beginning that the community is an important part of their mission.  

I really loved these cookies, I love their mission, and I'm super glad they're down the street from our house, foodie bakery in our backyard!  For more information about Bite'z and their mission, check out their website :) 

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