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Review of Stacccked Cookies - Valentines Day Edition

by Richard Mathis on Feb 14, 2021

Stacccked LOVERS cookies

Stacccked Valentines Day!

We get together and try the latest batch of Stacccked valentines day cookies.  Bonus, we invite Lauren (Gotham PD Cosplay to let her try the cookies for the first time!

What even "are" Stacccked cookies?

If you don't know what Stacccked are, and you somehow missed all of our other posts about them, we're crazy for this eccentric bakery out of Louisiana that makes these jumbo cookies filled with all kinds of ingredients.

Normally, too many ingredients would probably be bad. But careful combinations with great ingredients and very cautious cooking times yields...amazing unique creations, often imitated but as of yet, not quite mastered by their competition.

Ok, Delicious, what else is special?

So, you can't just order them, sorry.  

No seriously, you really can't.  You have to keep an eye on their social media, they announce the time of the next order, and when it comes up. You have about 60 seconds to order them.

Thats it, 60 seconds.  Set an alarm and BE FAST!

Seriously though, we have gotten them every time, so its very possible, just be diligent, and a little tip, click back and go forward, don't just refresh the page!

The cookies come a few days later, and they're fresh, soft, and delicious!

Valentines Day Edition?

I wanted to share this cute photo of how the box came, with the little touches that help make this really WOW, and I appreciate.

So for this batch of Stacccked cookies, they had the following flavors in their "LOVERS" 4 pack.

  • Berry Rich & Dreamy
  • I Love You A Brunch
  • X's & (brookie)O's
  • BrûléeIt On Me!

 They definitely came a little flattened, but as you can see in the photos, still pretty and most importantly, delicious! 

How did they taste?

Here is where we promote our video blog with Katt and Lauren, feel free to watch the video or continue reading my review!

Brûlée It On Me!

From their description: A sugar cookie mixed with white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, toffee chunks, birthday cake pretzels, and homemade ooey gooey cake chunks! Finished with a bruleed cream cheese icing.

This is a sweet cookie, like hecka sweet.  BUT, the star, is that toasted cream cheese icing, which really gives it a creme brulee taste.  I'd like to see more cookies with this topping, it was amazing, if a bit sweet for my tastes.

X's & (brookie)O's

Again, from their website: A rich brownie cookie mixed with semisweet and milk chocolate chips, Brookie Oreos, and toffee bits! Stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough and finished with a chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, and Brookie Oreo!

This is the cookie most likely to be a love it or hate it.  Like chocolate? Like brownies? Then htis is a winner.  The cookie dough might even overcome some brownie haters!  I really liked this cookie, as a chocolate lover, this is what I really like!

I Love You A Brunch

From the website -  A maple sugar cookie mixed with white chocolate chips, Blueberry Poptarts, and donut chunks! Stuffed with blueberry jelly, rolled in fruity pebbles, and finished with powdered sugar and a mini donut! 

Unexpectedly, the mini donut was lemon.  This is important, because personally, I'm not a huge fan of combining blueberry with lemon, I think most of the time it overwhelms the blueberry and I LOVE blueberry.

In this case though? It was pretty magical.  They could probably sell donuts, maybe they can get into the fancy donut game, because it was delicious, and in this case, because the lemon donut was separate, there was a heck of a lot of blueberry and the blueberry was able to stand up to the lemon better.   Great cookie, I love the jelly filling, I want more jelly fillings

Berry Rich & Dreamy

So we bought these without reading the description, so we were pretty surprised when we first cut this baby opened and could smell all of these delicious smells coming out of it.  This is what their website describes it as: A strawberry velvet cookie mixed with semi sweet and dark chocolate chips chips, assorted truffles, Twix bars, strawberry chunks, Valentine's Day M&Ms, and Dark Chocolate Oreos! Its topped with a rich chocolate brownie batter, and finished with more chocolate, sprinkles, and a chocolate truffle! 

So there is all of this berry in it! Strawberries, strawberry filled truffle, the dark chocolate helped balance the sweetness, this was my favorite I think, competing with the brulee cookie.  I couldn't eat a "lot" of any of the cookies but this one, its really good and more balanced in its flavors (as someone who isn't totally into sugar).

Final Thoughts

Stacccked cookies are about celebrating the food experience.  You don't buy these because you just want to munch on them, they aren't that kind of cookie.  You get them because they're different, they're unique, and you want to savor something that you may never be able to have again.

These were one of the best batches of Stacccked cookies I've tried, and I hope they repeat many of these experiments (the jelly, the brulee) and I can't wait to try the next batch!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Valentines Day (or an amazing Singles Day, whatever!)

Thanks everyone!

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