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Easy and tasty buffalo chicken dip!

by Richard Mathis on Mar 24, 2021

Easy and tasty buffalo chicken dip!

National Chip & Dip Day!

For National Chip & Dip Day, we had a little gathering at my place and had some of my friends over.  You can watch the live stream here.  Anyways, in addition to all of the store bought dips, I wanted something interesting and home made.

I also wanted something easy because I'm in the middle of moving and doing intense cleaning after every meal is...getting old to say the least.

Voila!  This was easy, and I took measurements of every thing in case it was delicious so you could recreate it.

The recipe is super straight forward, which I like, and tasted good with everything I threw at it!  Potato chips, tortilla chips, carrots, celery, its delicious.  For me, whats important about this, is that the texture is pleasant, it has some mouth feel that makes it feel like its eating something.  At the same time, while it was fairly incorporated and easy to layer onto chips with a spoon, it wasn't so thin that you could reliably scoop without risking breaking the chip.  

You could do two things, either warm the dip, which will significantly allow the dip to relax, or, provide a spoon, which I did.  I felt like it was more hygienic that way too.

A note on buffalo sauces made with louisiana sauce.  It can become very salty very quickly, and for that reason I highly recommend using unsalted butter.

Ingredient Sources

Some of you will ask where I bought the ingredients, and while I really recommend just using what you can find and figure out what you have available, I bought the chicken from Sam's Club and I bought Kerry Gold butter (also from Sam's club).  Use the butter of your preference, and just make sure the rotisserie chicken is delicious, everything will work from there.  I used the old standby of philly cream cheese, but if you use some exotic cream cheese, and it works out, please share which you used!


The ingredients I listed, will create a very mild pleasant dip for all but the most spicy-adverse individuals.  Our friend Lauren LOVED it, despite being the wimpiest of spicy wimps (according to her).  Having said that, I recommend adding a bit more, and maybe incorporating either some cayenne pepper or an additional spicy hot sauce, but avoid anything that is too non-cayenne flavored as it will quickly start tasting like something else not quite buffalo.  If thats what you like, no problem, but for this, I'm going for a real traditional buffalo sauce which is only made from ratios of hot sauce to butter.


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