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Hiding a tattoo - Wolverine: Committed

by Richard Mathis on Mar 04, 2021

Hiding a tattoo - Wolverine: Committed

Wolverine doesn't have tattoos

But Lydon does...

Lydon's tattoo

So Lydon was in the military, and during a tour, he at some point, decided to get this tattoo, this is an older shoot, but thats because we often hide his tattoo.  You can see that it looks good, its high quality...but doesn't completely fit the character.

The tattoo is cool, but...Wolverine can't easily have tattoos, at least not for very long.  He has that whole healing factor thing.  Which to be honest, I don't 100% understand why he couldn't have a tattoo for some amount of time.  Like the tattoo doesn't vanish after our body heals, the ink actually just sits there, stuck.  We know that Wolverine can have tattoos because his son has them.

Ok, so Wolverine "can" have tattoos, but of course, he doesn't, probably because it would be a waste of time, as soon as he gets blasted up, his tattoos would look like crap.  I mean, this would probably be pretty brutal to his tattoo.

So we try to minimize how much you see the tattoo.  But the reality is, he DOES have a tattoo, and sometimes we just don't hide it, because this is Lydon, as Wolverine, obviously not pure Wolverine.  But still, when we are doing a big production, we try to minimize or outright hide the tattoo.  We lucked out, and had an amazing FX artist, Leigha, who was willing to work with us on the last project.  Honestly, we didn't expect much, based on previous efforts, but she really brought her A game and did it like the pro she is.

So we had Leigha working on him, and the results were amazing, but it took hours.  What was everyone else doing during this process? In reality, working, practicing, setting up equipment, etc, but just for fun, we setup this video, just to poke at Lydon a bit.  Enjoy our bit, Where is Lydon?

Removing the tattoo

The process of removing the tattoo, involved carefully painting out each bit of the tattoo, then blending the skin with the covered up tattoo, then protecting it all so it could survive stunts.  It was a cool process to watch, and we kind of chatted with Lydon periodically throughout the process to keep him entertained while he was trying not to move for the multi-hour process.  Watch them as the tattoo vanishes and hear Lydon's opinion on Psylocke, Wolverine's healing factor, and are Quest cookies Quest cookies reasonable when you're working out like he does?


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